SHINE SOUL BRIGHT was born out of a deep desire to share my love of health and wellness, the knowledge I’ve gained as a chinese medicine practitioner, and my passion for holistic living with the larger community, all in one place. Here I share with you not only chinese medicine and healing information, you’ll also find posts on a wide variety of topics: natural beauty, holistic health products, books, interviews, home (feng shui), music, meditations, nutrition, recipes and more.

MISSION: To guide you towards holistic wellness by giving helpful lifestyle information and soulful inspiration. A resource for you to find your unique balance, feel good, and SHINE BRIGHT along the way.

LIVING WELL is not about being perfect. I believe it’s about BALANCE and finding the right choices for YOU. Yes, living well includes self-care, rest, and nourishing our bodies inside and out. But just as importantly, it’s about inspiration, creativity, curiosity, pleasure, joy, fun, community and love!

May Shine Soul Bright be a trusting source for you to visit when searching for wellness information or just a little SOULFUL inspiration.

Live Well, Shine Bright.

Jen Becker L.Ac.

Jen Becker L.AC is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a thriving practice in New York City (Soho & Brooklyn).

Jen found her calling in 2007 after a series of synchronicities led her to discover chinese medicine, igniting her path to healing. During four years of rigorous study, Jen’s adventurous nature led her to all three campuses of her acupuncture school–in Chicago, California, and lastly, in New York, where she resides today. Immediately after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Jen started work at a fast-paced community acupuncture clinic in Brooklyn. There, she honed her skills as a healer for 4 years, treating a wide array of health conditions, treating over 200 patients a week, all while growing her private practice in SoHo. It was during this intense time that Jen learned the immense importance of self-care and a balanced lifestyle to prevent burn out.

Jen presently solely focuses on her private practice, which now has two locations: Soho and Brooklyn. She blends her training in traditional chinese medicine, five element acupuncture, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, and chinese herbal medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions with a focus on women’s health. She believes beauty shines from the inside out first and foremost.