Handy Dandy: Introducing Dandy Blend. My favorite Herbal Coffee.

Do you love coffee? That rich, acidic yet smooth taste, the way a steaming hot cup warms you in the winter, and a refreshing cold brew cools you down in the summer?

Almost every culture around the world drinks a version of coffee and it’s becoming more and more of an obsession in America. And it’s not just a drink that people use to wake themselves up; it’s a social act: “Let’s get a coffee,” “We’ll discuss over coffee.” But what if coffee also makes you jittery, irritable, gives you a stomach ache, or keeps you up at night—even though you continue to love the taste and even the act of getting coffee?

Is there a way to give up coffee without giving up coffee?

Dandelion coffee is the best substitute I’ve found for cutting down on or quitting coffee. It tastes remarkably like coffee, even though it is actually a caffeine-free herbal tea made out of roasted dandelion root. There are actually a lot of companies popping up these days selling dandelion coffee, and even a few cafes serving it, Amara Kitchen in LA, for example: But I absolutely love Dandy Blend dandelion coffee.

Here’s how it works, what it’s made of, and steps to purchase it right here on the site!

Dandy Blend is made of only 5 ingredients: barley, rye, dandelion, chicory and beetroot. These ingredients are dried and roasted separately—this roasting process is part of what gives the blend its coffee-like taste and smell. They are then steeped in water, drained and spray dried and the powder that remains is Dandy Blend.

Although Dandy Blend is made with barley and rye, it is entirely gluten-free! This is because Dandy Blend only contains the “water extracts” of barley and rye—so all the gluten and gliadin—the proteins that cause irritation in some people—are discarded with the grounds. The company also specifically tests for gluten and gliadin to make sure they are gluten-free (under 20 ppm) of gluten. In addition, there are no added sweeteners, even though you may detect some sweetness in the taste. This is a result of the roasting of the dandelion and chicory roots. As an added bonus, dandelion root is rich in potassium, iron, fiber, calcium and zinc—so not only are you avoiding the adverse effects of coffee; you’re substituting with a nutrient-rich alternative!

Even if you’re not ready to completely give up your coffee habit, and want to enjoy your morning latte, then sip on healthy Dandy Blend throughout the rest of the day when you would usually have that second coffee. Snag a bag of Dandy Blend in The Shop!